About Us

Canovate Ballistic

Canovate Ballistic Systems; Canovate Group. Canovate Ballistic Systems, “ARMOUR SHIELD”, one of the most famous manufacturers in the world, combined with the international certifications and added the name to the logos “CANOVATE ARMOURSHIELD” created the brand. Canovate and Armour Shield are now combined to provide 42 years of technological know-how and experience.

The most important objective of Canovate Ballistic is to manufacture a wide range of related products to meet the various operational safety requirements and manufacture of Bulletproof Vests and Ballistic Protective Systems, providing the best and most appropriate technical applications. Each product and product system is carefully designed and optimized to provide full, top-level security performance at the lowest price point. Canovate Ballistic carries out R & D and manufacturing activities in the Canovate Group of Companies in Çekmeköy / İstanbul.

Purpose of Establishment & Domestic Added Value

Our country is located in one of the most critical regions of the world due to its geographical and geopolitical location. However, the rapid development of weapon technologies in the world also increases the requirements in the defense industry. As a result, there are increasing efforts to reduce the risk of injury and death in the field of war and / or in various domestic security incidents. One of the most important protective equipment is the bulletproof Ballistic Protective Vests. The demand for ballistic protective vests is increasing day by day due to the current conditions. Our company has been established to provide these demands. Our company has a joint venture agreement with a very large foreign company specialized in its field and it is making production with the latest information and technologies. Specially developed Trauma Shield is used in order to decrease deformation which is formed especially for soft ballistic protection. Our company has the capacity and capability to meet the market demands with the investment. When we take into consideration the materials and labor rates we supply from Turkey, we are able to provide at least 50% economy to our country.