Safeguard the perimeter of your military ships non-stop with 3D PanTher Thermal Radar for continuous 24/7 protection.

Safeguard Your Premises

The 3D Panther Optic Radar system is a powerful tool for detecting and tracking protection against UAV’s, drones and paramotors.  It is a ideally suited for anywhere that protection against potential drone threats is required, from small facilities to large areas.

3D Thermal Radar: Optimal Military Ships Protection Solution

Daily, military ships encounter numerous security challenges, from significant threats to unauthorized boundary breaches. Guaranteeing the protection of these essential naval assets is vital for maintaining secure and dependable operations.

Thermal Radar has been certified by “Safe-Skies” and is perfectly suited for the protection of military ships of any size, whether they operate in regional waters or on international missions. The surveillance of these sensitive areas, especially the perimeters of military ships, is crucial.

Traditional Perimeter
(Top View)
3D PanTher Radar Perimeter
( Top View)
3D PanTher Radar Perimeter
( Perspective View)
3D Thermal Radar

A single Thermal Radar can substitute for as many as fifteen conventional security cameras, offering extensive area coverage and saving considerable costs. It provides up to 15 times the coverage with reduced points of failure.

Installation Costs

Traditional system setup costs, including the expenses for cable trenching, can run into thousands of dollars for each location. In contrast, setting up a single Thermal Radar unit incurs just a fraction of these costs. (Cost comparison: $XX,XXX vs. $XXX,XXX)

VMS Costs

The expense of Video Management is greatly diminished by the reduction in licenses required to oversee your system. In particular, a single Thermal Radar unit that offers 15 fields of view only necessitates one VMS license, as opposed to needing 15 separate licenses for identical coverage with individual cameras.

Maintenance Costs

Yearly expenses associated with hardware upkeep and VMS software updates also need to be taken into account for security setups. Substituting more than 15 separate cameras with a single Thermal Radar unit will notably lower this annual budget line.