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Forest Wildfire Protection System

Due to climate change, the severity, extent and frequency of forest wildfires have increased. Forest fire is the most dangerous enemy of the forest, which brings harmful and devastating consequences to the forest. The prevention and control of forest fires is worldwide problem. Therefore, focusing on prevention, effectively controlling fires from the source and achieving early detection and early control is an effective way to improve the fire prevention efficiency.

The integrated Wildfire Alarm Monitoring System independently developed by Canovate, consists of hot spot intelligent detection/warning thermal imaging cameras and dedicated Deep Watcher fire warning software.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology

Thermal imaging technology provides real-time monitoring of forest wildfires across all hours, vast distances, and wide areas. Infrared thermal imaging sensors detects the heat of fire in day time, at night time, through fog or smoke and in poor weather conditions.

In addition, the heat signature required to trigger an alert can be obtained from a much smaller fire than one required to generate a detectable smoke column.

So, the fire can be detected and suppressed much quickly.

Dual spectrum (Bi-Spectral) hot spot detection cameras are developed based on the latest generation of thermal technology and continuous zoom infrared optical technology. It uses a high-sensitivity 640X512 resolution uncooled Vox detector, built-in intelligent analysis module, hot spot detection algorithm, which can automatically detect long-distance flames, vehicles, personnel, and other heat source targets (over 10km).

Bi- Spectral has two camera modules;

Thermal Camera: Temperature detection, it can be found sources of ignition and hidden danger in earlier time.


Visible Camera: Smoke & flame detection, accurate secondary confirmation



Early Fire Detection

To proactively warn and guard against the outbreak of fires, Deep Watcher actively employs both infrared thermal imaging technology, deep learning and artificial intelligence AI.

To proactively warn and guard against the outbreak of fires, Deep Watcher actively employs both infrared thermal imaging technology, deep learning and artificial intelligence AI.

Strong Recognition Capability

Deep Watcher dedicated fire software provides a panaromic, 360 ° view of detection area and combines powerfull, Artificial Intelligence AI and Deep Learning based analytics performing millions of computations per second and best-in-class algorithms that continously search for forest fire.

Simple interface design & user friendly

“User Interface Display” is the point of interaction between a user and a software or device. It is designed to enable users to use a system easily and effectively.

Through thermal imaging detection, it swiftly identifies high-temperature targets; coupled with deep learning algorithms, it accurately discerns forest smoke or fires, achieving even swifter fire detection, more precise alerts, and reduced false alarm rates.

Remote Notification and Integrated Control

Wildfire detection solutions offer remote notification capabilities. Once a fire or abnormal temperature situation is detected, the system automatically sends notifications to pre-defined personnel, including security personnel and firefighters, enabling prompt emergency responses. Additionally, the solution can be integrated with other security systems, such as automatic sprinkler systems, to minimize the potential losses caused by wildfires.